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Lodgeroom Magazine

Lodgeroom Magazine and many eBooks are available from the Download Ctre. Here are the links for just the Magazine LR Mag 2006 04April06 (716.5 KiB) 05May061 (826.9 KiB) 06June061 (864.5 KiB) 07July06 (1.1 MiB) 08August06 (2.3 MiB) 09Sept06 (936.3 KiB) 10October061 (976.3 KiB) 12December061 (4.5 MiB) February06 (562.3 KiB) Jan06 – large file (34.8 […]

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Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live TV world-renowned Freemasons

Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation with the world-renowned Freemasons (A9TV, October 11th, 2012; 21:00)

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Grand Charity and eBay

Grand Charity and eBay A couple of weeks back I was trying to find some systems to raise money for the Freemasons Grand Charity. I was putting some items on eBay. Not done that for some time. tried to use the Charity donation to the Freemasons Grand Charity and it was not there. So I […]

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Treaty of Friendship between GCGRF-GOdF and GLNF

Original web page  [ French ] Who was going to tell a young Grand Master of GOdF as Alain Bauer, which both dealt with the issues of approach and “regularities” that the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France would be flooded so Alec Mellor called as “separated brethren” but in reverse. Well, that 15 […]

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UK Freemasonry Video History

UK Masonic history in Video Have a look at some ofthe best kept video of all time.

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Freemasons launch recruitment drive for young women Nikki Roberts is someone a teacher might call a good “all-rounder”: smart, pretty, lots of friends. Aged 31, she is also a far cry from your typical Freemason. But that, if the Federation of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry has its way, is about to change. Forget secretive circles of white-haired men locking fingers […]

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POCKET DIARY Your Craft and Chapter Masonic Diary covering the 2012 – 2013 Masonic Season: Running from September 2012 to December 2013, with protective metal corners and black mock leather finish, this is a timely and useful help to yourself and an ideal gift for your Masonic friends. Slim, light, pocket sized (7″ by 3.5″), […]

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Haunted Chambers by: Karen Kidd

Sales :- FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, THE MOST COMPLETE WORK OF EARLY WOMEN FREEMASONS AND DETAILS ABOUT TEHIR LIVES. Cornerstone Book Publishers in New Orleans, LA., recently announced the soon-to-be released “Haunted Chambers: the Lives of Early Women Freemasons”. The book’s author, Karen Kidd, is a Co-Mason and member of a Seattle, WA-based Lodge […]

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The Lodgeroom International Magazine

The Lodgeroom International Magazine Will be produced here in future and will be a fluid publication. Always being added to and available to all. You will observe that you can print out any individual article – straight off the screen or if you prefer create a PDF file and download it, then add it […]

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Lodgeroom International Magazine August 2009

Lodgeroom International Magazine . The August 2009 issue of the Magazine is ready to be downloaded, as you know it is FREE at. The Download Center .Direct link : . ………………………………….. Mortality by Bill McElligott The  Book of the Dead Articles of Nelson King Articles of Tim Bryce In St. Johns Prologue By: […]

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