Freemasonry and the Holocaust


Freemasonry and the Holocaust

By: Bro. Shawn M. Gorley

                                                                                              Inverted Red Triangle Worn By Imprisoned Freemasons

      Inverted Red Triangle –   Worn By Imprisoned Freemasons

An excellent article well worth reading.

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          We’ve all learned in history classes about World War II and how people of the Jewish faith were rounded up, imprisoned, and brutally tortured and killed by the Nazis, but what most people don’t know is that the Freemasons were among those rounded up and systematically murdered by the Nazi war machine.

During the Holocaust between ten and eleven million people were murdered by the Nazi’s, Jews accounted for approximately 5.7 million and the rest were non-Jews.  Among the non-Jews were certain types of people such as Gypsies, Soviets, Polish Citizens, Jehovah’s witnesses and other political and religious opponents which included Freemasons.  Nazi ideology believed that the “high degree” Masons were willing members of the Jewish conspiracy, and many of the Nazi’s believed Freemasonry was one of the causes of Germany losing the first World War.”

Hitler strongly believed that the Jews and Freemasons in tandem controlled the press, which is evident from his book Mein Kampf,


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