The Secrets of Solomon’s Temple


The Secrets of Solomon’s Temple

by: Kevin Gest

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The Secrets of Solomon’s Temple
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We have all been told that Solomon was a noble and wise ruler in the ancient times, known for building the first great temple in Israel. However in the past 20 years a lot of our understanding about biblical times has changed. Eminent archaeologists have indicated that Solomon was not his real name but one given to him some time after his death. Furthermore, increased understanding of ancient languages has resulted in the correction of many translation errors of the past and changed our perception of biblical events. This reveals that what the church has promoted for several centuries may have to be reconsidered. With new knowledge comes new meaning.

Revealed inside

• A secret that has been lying at the centre of Freemasonry for hundreds of years.

• Who Solomon really was and the nature of the secret knowledge he possessed?

• What is Solomon’s Seal?

• What was the true purpose of Solomon’s Temple? Reveals how the temple would have worked.

• What is the connection with Modern Freemasonry?

• The Pentagram or Solomon’s Seal is a Masonic symbol where did it come from and what is its meaning?

Also explored

• . The marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdelene at Ain Feshka at mid-night on Wednesday 19 March AD33. The origins of the Virgin Birth, the true name of Jesus Christ,

• . David’s connections with the heretical pharaoh Akenhaten and his son Tutenkamun

• . The mystery of the shape and numbers in the Ark of the covenant.

• . The influence of the sun and Islamic builders on the Knights Templar and the gothic cathedrals.

Find yourself led into the ancient world of our ancestors, religious turmoil, and secret societies ,exposing a mystery which results in a totally new perception of what you thought you knew about history. Discover the hidden secret that lies at the heart of Freemasonry. A sacred truth that the religious establishment did not want to be known and have tried to suppress. It explores the background of Freemasonry and presents it in a new and fascinating context in our modern world. It reveals the true identity for Solomon and shows the Temple in a way it has never been explored before. The mystery unfolds!!

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