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Freemasonry Today Summer 2016

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Freemasonry Today Spring 2016

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Can a Satanist become a Freemason ?

Had this conversation many times over the years. It has popped up again on a Facebook Page. So I thought lets get some facts together and you can look – see – judge for yourself.    ………………………. Satanism is a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on the character of Satan. noun the chief […]

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Phoenixmasonry Masonic E-Book Library (In alphabetical order by Title) 10,000 Famous Freemasons by William R. Denslow   Volume 1 “A-D”; Volume 2 “E-J”; Volume 3 “K-P”; Volume 4 “Q-Z“ Ancient and Modern Initiation by Max Heindel The Arcane Schools – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part […]

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Lodgeroom Magazine

Lodgeroom Magazine and many eBooks are available from the Download Ctre. Here are the links for just the Magazine LR Mag 2006 04April06 (716.5 KiB) 05May061 (826.9 KiB) 06June061 (864.5 KiB) 07July06 (1.1 MiB) 08August06 (2.3 MiB) 09Sept06 (936.3 KiB) 10October061 (976.3 KiB) 12December061 (4.5 MiB) February06 (562.3 KiB) Jan06 – large file (34.8 […]

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Burns Nights

Robert Burns – Life And Times Robert Burns Story Address tae The haggis by Harry MacFadyen

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Masonic Matters

Masonic Matters Welcome:  Point of Contact: (individual who will liaise with Masonry Matters) A NEW PLATFORM TO PROMOTE THE LATEST NEWS FROM YOUR LODGE AND PROVINCE E-mail address: ​​​​​To access the latest news, please select a category from the navigation bar above. Alternatively select one of the links below to be directed to a specific Masonic activity: Tercentenary : Masonic Classic Vehicle Club : […]

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The Term ‘ Worshipful Mater’

Having seen a number of discussion – for and against the use of the above term ‘Worshipful Master’ I thought I would try to shed some light. Let us start with some dictionary definitions : Worshipful 1] (initial capital letter) British. a formal title of honor used in announcing or mentioning certain highly regarded or […]

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THE HUNG SOCIETY The Society of Heaven and Earth Esoteric and allegoric implications for Masonry John B. Ensor ohn B. Ensor, Chemainus Lodge #114, Grand Lodge of British Columbia, Canada (telephone 604-753-4555). #146—25 Maki Rd. Nanaimo, BC Canada V9R 6N3 Definitions: ESOTERIC: The inner or hidden meaning understood by or meant for only the select […]

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Freemasonry in Egypt

Freemasons for Dummies – Chris Haddop, gives a good brief examination of this subject The turmoil has seen a number of Grand Lodges claim to be the one and only. Time will tell which is right for this Country Masonic High Council More information …   EGY Freemasonry in Egypt 1798-1921: A Study […]

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