Treaty of Friendship between GCGRF-GOdF and GLNF


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Who was going to tell a young Grand Master of GOdF as Alain Bauer, which both dealt with the issues of approach and “regularities” that the headquarters of the Grand Orient of France would be flooded so Alec Mellor called as “separated brethren” but in reverse. Well, that 15 years later Alain Bauer will be impressed by landing the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) has done in the Rue Cadet. headquarters of the Grand Orient of France (GOdF). Incredible

It seems that besides astro conspire because this news appears as “prescribed” between some Masonic thinkers very early, has Bring a book entitled: Franc-masonry: I régularité et reconnaissance, Histories et postures, who wrote Roger Dachez, and seems will be the ideal book to understand the new set of relationships that could really explain the chapter “We are all regular ‘header. yes the roads of the Masonic diplomacy are very convoluted, at the Alain Bauer knew that had to do with some disappointment, as he came to give reason and the hand that fu one of his alter ego in the GOdF, Philippe Gugielmi ,
And is that in addition to the   Début des Rencontres Lafayette. opened with a meeting between GOdF and GLNF, as well e l May 21, 2015, as we forward who was one of the great leaders of the Great General Chapter of the French Rite Grand Orient of France: Philippe Guglielmi. was signed in Paris, FRIENDSHIP treaty between the High Grades of the French Rite of the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF) “regular” and the Great General Chapter of the French Rite of GODF. (GCGRF-GOdF ) “liberals”.



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