UGLE – National Grand Lodge of France Sept. 2012



MW Pro Grand Master and Brethren,
I believe that there is nothing in the Board’s Report that calls for
comment, except for the paragraphs relating to the National Grand Lodge of
France, and even they are largely self-explanatory. Since this Grand Lodge
suspended relations with the GLNF twelve months ago the Board has continued
to monitor the situation. It is clear that the GLNF is not in full control
of its own affairs. For well over a year its administration and finances
have been under the control of a Court appointed administrator, Maitre
Legrand. She, although not a Freemason or a member of the GLNF, is currently
organising the nominations for and election of a new Grand Master.
To complicate matters further, we understand that at the end of April a
group of members of the GLNF and their Lodges broke away and formed a new
Grand Lodge which now claims over 10,000 members and more than 500 Lodges.
It has just been announced that a further group has broken away and is
intent on forming yet another Grand Lodge. It is, therefore, becoming
impossible to know who are and who are not bona fide members of the GLNF,
which at this moment remains the only Grand Lodge in France recognised by
this Grand Lodge.
The Board is aware that, if its recommendation is accepted by Grand Lodge, a
number of our members who have joint memberships will need to decide with
which constitution they will remain. The Board regrets this but it has a
duty to have regard to the best interests of the whole English Craft and in
the present circumstances believes those interests will be best served by
withdrawing recognition from the GLNF. One hundred years ago members of this
Grand Lodge were materially involved in the formation of the GLNF and the
return of regular Freemasonry to France: for this and other reasons, the
Board’s recommendation was not reached lightly but only after considerable
discussion and consultation.
It is important to emphasise that in making this recommendation the Board is
not stating that the GLNF or its members are in any way irregular, nor will
the withdrawal of recognition of itself make them so. They will, however,
become unrecognised though capable of being re-recognised at some future
point. For that reason the Board has not entered into discussion with any of
the other bodies claiming to represent regular Freemasonry in France nor
does it have any intention at the present time of recommending to this Grand
Lodge the recognition of any other Grand Lodge in France.
Indeed, we have just learnt that in the last few days a candidate for the
Grand Mastership has been nominated. His name will go forward for approval
by a General Meeting of the GLNF. The Board will continue to monitor events
in France and hopes that this may be the first step – and I emphasise the
words “the first step” – towards normalising relations between our two Grand
Lodges. In the meantime, however, this event does not change the Board’s


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