The First Builder


I have often been asked, “What is the most important thing in Freemasonry”.

I have a short and simple answer, “ The Initiate”.

When the first builder placed the first stone on the first foundation . He did this for the most basic of reasons, to create a place of protection for his family and his neighbors, and his friends.

While completing this structure he realized that if the community was to be kept safe in the future he ‘The Master’ must at all costs teach the Apprentice how to lay stones properly.

And as Masters since these early times have made it their first duty it has long since continued to be so.

The Master must have a student and the Student must have a Master, this symbiotic relationship ensures the welfare of all and creates a state of comfort for the community.

Today we look upon this relationship as a speculative inclusion of men in a moral quest for excellence.

Should this however detract from the original lesson learned by the first of the Builders? No certainly not. Because it is in the origin , in our beginnings where the most important of lessons is found, mutual respect and integrity.

If we ever loose that original need to perpetuate that which we see as worthy of protection, Freemasonry will start to whither and die.

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