Building Hiram – Uncommon Catechism


Building Hiram – Uncommon Catechism
for Uncommon Masonic Education – Dr. John S. Nagy


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Masonic writings from the past shed much Light upon current day Ritual; all that one needs to do is to connect the dots. In “Building Hiram” Dr. Nagy ventures forth with a “National Treasure” style zeal into archaic Masonic books and unfolds twelve new, revealing and unique Masonic catechisms to answer questions such as:

* How do the Square and Compasses symbolize Stone and the Work done upon it?

* What is the true relevance today of the traditional Masonic Penalties and the Pillars described in the Orders of Architecture?

* How do the numbers 3-4-5 from The 47th Problem of Euclid play into Masonic Ritual and where can they be found in plan view within Ritual?

* Who is the Fourth Ruffian and how is he related to the first known Artificer of every cutting instrument of brass and iron?

* What is the “Sacred Triad” and how does it help manifest the Master’s Word?

* Where in Ritual can you actually see the Master’s Word, what are his Wages and what are the origins of both?

These questions and many others are answered within this book and with Masonic precision and earnest dedication to Ritual. If you are looking for supplementary Light on what your Ritual is actually communicating, Dr. Nagy’s book is a excellent Working Tool to help you explore even further, decode deeper and understand clearer that which is in plane view for all to see.

Publishing Date: March 2009
Cover price: $25

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