The Three Porchways


As Freemasonry is a legend expressed in allegory and symbol, I feel it only proper to express my own thoughts in like manner.
The right of passage to the 33rd degree in Freemasonry has for many hundreds of years been a complete mystery to the rank and file of the Masonic membership. However today I can reveal that after many seconds of diligent research that there is indeed a 64th Degree in Freemasonry. A degree to which only the few may ascend.
In order to reach these lofty heights of Masonic perfection it is necessary to travel to the far east of this world to a secret island situated in Indonesia. “The Island of the Supreme Pillars”. You must fly to The abandoned airport on the island of Sabang and then get a sampan to the island, you will be met at the Airport by a Chinese man in a black suite and bowler hat, he does all sorts of Odd Jobs. He will ask “are you one of the TP’s” and you must answer “I can only use code names”. He will then take you the rest of the way to “The Island of the Supreme Pillars”.
Our Hero, Bro. ‘J’ had received his invitation written on a scroll to attend his progression to the 64th degree. He had been a faithful servant of freemasonry for many years, however he was very vocal in his criticism of how Freemasonry was practiced by his fellow Masons, which meant he was no always a popular man. But that did not falter our Hero in his masonic career as he was convinced he was right.
The Progression
The right of passage to the 64th degree is a test of courage, endurance and compassion. Without these three basic elements no man can call himself a complete Freemason. To become a 64 you must be a complete Freemason. To choose the wrong doorway in life can prove fatal, as we all know only too well.
In the center of the island there is a wonderful Temple and complete and accurate copy of King Solomons Temple, some speculate that the Temple was indeed built by King Solomon and kept intact for centuries by his followers.
The Candidates are led into the middle chamber of the Temple, they get there by ascending a winding staircase. When they arrive at the door of the middle chamber they open the door and are presented with a Large Room and Three Porch ways with Three doors under them leading to who knows where.
Bro. ‘J’ opened door [1] inside he found a beautiful bar and restaurant filled with Masonic Officials of the highest ranks from all over the world. He stood and listened to them for some time , he spoke to many and indeed their knowledge of all things masonic was second to none. He drank in the atmosphere before closing the door and moving on to door [2].
Inside door [2] he found another congregation of Freemasons, these however were your common or garden Masons , they were rehearsing a third degree ritual. They went over every line again and again until they were word perfect, or at least as close to perfect as you can get. These man were so warm and inviting they made out Hero feel at home from the first minute he arrived in the room, Bro. ‘J’ was moved by the heartfelt welcome he received.
However he had to visit room [3] next door. He reluctantly left room [2] and moved on. Here he was greeted by some confused and disillusioned faces , faces of small children. Each Child seemed to have some kind of disability. Some were in wheelchairs, some on crutches and some were obviously blind. He could hear a constant drone of noise, as he listened more intensely he could slowly make out the reason for the noise. It was the children saying, ‘help me , please help me’. He tried to get out of the room , but as he did so the noise became louder and louder, he scrambled for the door, as he ran the door seemed to be further and further away but with one last effort he managed to wrench the door open and escape to the reasonable calm of the inside of the middle chamber.
He was now confronted with Three Past Masters of the 64th degree who demanded of him an answer, which door will you choose, which of these Porch ways would you choose to pass through in order to attain your 64th Degree in freemasonry, the highest level that any Mason can obtain anywhere in the world.
Our Hero Bro, ‘J’ was still reeling from the experience, he asked if he could have some extra time in which to decide. The Past Masters agreed and allowed 24 hours for Bro. ‘J’ to reflect on his decision.
While we await the result, what would your choice be  ?
Our Brother Jeff, has thought long and hard and come to his decision. drawing on all the experience from the things he has learned and not being one to follow the heard. he gives his answer.Addressing the ‘Three Past Masters’ he replied. First I would walk under Porchway no. 2 and work with Love and harmony to ask my Brethren to help me. I would ask them to come to the door under Porchway No. 1 and seek further guidance form experienced Brethren. I would then ask all my Brethren in a Unified manner to accompany me into room 3 where by now I am now confident we can make a huge impact on the problems faced by these wonderful , brave children.
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