Prince William – Knight of the Garter

Prince William to join Britain’s most exclusive club as Knight of the GarterBy Robert Hardman
Of all the medals, orders and honorary decorations he will receive in his lifetime (and there will be plenty), Prince William will never be awarded anything quite like the extraordinary regalia he will wear on Monday.
In fact, with a black ostrich-plumed hat, a red hood, a blue velvet cloak lined with white satin, a silver star, a priceless miniature of St George and the Dragon dangling from a chain of solid gold and a garter strapped just below his left knee, it will probably be the biggest dressing-up exercise this side of his own coronation.
And once he has managed to put all this on, he has to walk at hobbling speed through Windsor Castle for nearly a quarter of a mile in front of thousands of people and the world’s media.
But, behind all the flummery, there will be a very serious point to Monday’s event.
The Prince will become a knight. And he will not be receiving any old knighthood, either.
The second in line to the throne will be formally invested as a ‘Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter’.
This is the Order of the Garter
Prince Albert’s Garter and George III’s diamond StarThe Royal Collection 2006 © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
This is the Breast Jewel of the Masonic Knights Templar

Makes you think, does it not ?
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